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What is the semester and year that you'd like to offer this FIG?
Do you have authorization to teach this FIG? If so, from whom? (Please include their contact information.)
Please describe the central theme or topic of this FIG (many focus on significant questions or challenges). What is the course you propose to teach as the central or “synthesizing” seminar? If possible, please be specific about the course name and number.
Most fall FIGs involve one primary course and two linked courses; spring FIGs usually have one linked course. If you have any ideas for possible linked courses, please list them (name and number) and explain why you think they might be a good fit for this FIG.
UW-Madison has embraced the AAC&U’s “Essential Learning Outcomes.” Please briefly describe how this FIG will advance student learning in any or all of the four LEAP domains. (For more information about LEAP, please go to:
Is there a specific audience for this FIG? What do you think will be appealing about this FIG to a first-year student?
Do you have any questions or concerns about teaching this FIG?
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