Diversity in Education

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Bonnie Doren
Includes 25 hours of service learning outside the classroom.
Issues in Special Education
Lecture 1, 2:25–5:25 T
Problems of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Lecture 2, 1:20–2:10 MWF; Discussion 325, 2:25–3:15 R
Individuals with Disabilities
Lecture 1, 2:25–5:25 M, Field Study 301

This FIG will provide you with the experiences, knowledge, and skills to be an advocate and leader for educational equity and excellence. We will focus on unique issues and challenges facing diverse students: those with disabilities and those with disabilities who are culturally or ethnically diverse. This FIG will examine supports and services that promote meaningful inclusion of diverse students within educational systems including middle schools, high schools, and college settings. You will learn about challenges, services, and supports related to the transition of diverse students to higher education and meaningful careers after high school. Together we will explore and think creatively about additional supports and services that could facilitate inclusive education and successful post-high school outcomes for diverse students, building on your own experiences.

The main seminar in this FIG, Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education 200: “Issues in Special Education,” will examine the historical foundations of special education and the evolution of the field. We will conduct in-depth examinations of the educational experiences of students with disabilities and students from nonmajority backgrounds who are identified as needing special education services. We will cover the characteristics of students with disabilities and services, models, and outcomes of special education instruction that promote inclusive education and post-high school engagement in higher education and employment of diverse students. Our discussions and learning experiences in this course will be informed by and expand on ideas presented in the other two courses in this FIG.

Sociology 134: “Problems of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities” — Learn about the nature of intergroup relations with an emphasis on explanations of ethnic and racial prejudice and discrimination.

Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education 300: “Individuals with Disabilities.” — This course is designed to introduce you to the history, etiology, and characteristics of specific categories of disability. It incorporates hands-on learning as you develop your own service-learning projects directly related to working with persons with disabilities.