Representing Self Through Media

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FIG 43
Erica Halverson
Representing Self Through Media
Seminar 1, 11:00–12:15 TR
Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity
Lecture 1, 9:55–10:45 TR; Discussion 322, 1:20–2:10 F
Introduction to Digital Media Production
Lecture 1, 1:00–2:15 TR; Lab 304, 12:00–1:25 MW

This FIG is designed to introduce students to the power of producing autobiographical art. The goal is for every student in Interdisciplinary Letters & Science 106: “Representing Self Through Media” to produce a This American Life-style radio story that represents the relationship between an individual’s cultural and personal narratives.

Through readings in developmental and cultural psychology, narrative theory, and educational design, students will explore theories of representation and self-exploration. Through exposure to multiple artistic media where artists represent themselves, including radio, film, reality TV, and theatre, students will see these theories in action. The culmination of the class will be a launch party where students will air their stories for a public audience and discuss in a public forum how they came to build these representations.

Anthropology 104: “Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity” — This introduction to cultural anthropology for non-majors looks at societies around the world and within the United States to understand how societies are organized, including economics, politics, language, religion, ecology, gender, and kinship.

Com Arts 155: “Introduction to Digital Media Production” — This course teaches students the skills they need to produce, engage with, and understand new and emerging technologies within the context of communication and creative expression. As a result, students will become more critical consumers and producers of digital media.