Nursing: Gender & Women’s Studies (Option 4)

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FIG 33
David Dwyer

for students advised by the School of Nursing

Health Care Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Lecture 1, 4:00–4:50 M; Discussion 303, 5:00–5:50 M
The Sociology of Gender
Lecture 2, 11:00–11:50 MWF; Discussion 304, 1:20–2:10 T
Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease
Lecture 1, 8:50–9:40 MW; Discussion 308, 1:20–2:10 R

This FIG will take an interdisciplinary approach to examining current issues in health care and the delivery of care in various settings to diverse populations. Nursing 105: “Health Care Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach” will focus on factors affecting health and the value placed on health, the delivery of health care in different settings, and the roles of various professionals in the healthcare system.

Sociology 138: “The Sociology of Gender” — A sociological examination of the status and roles of women and men in society, including the experiences of marriage, parenthood, employment and occupational attainment, socialization into sex roles and cultural reinforcement of these. Attention will be given to both existing patterns and change in those patterns.

Gender and Women’s Studies 103: “Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease” — Basic facts about the structure and functioning of the female body. Attention to the adjustments that organ systems make during physiological events (stress, exercise, eating, menstruation, sexual/reproductive activity, and aging) and during pathological or disease processes. The effects on the body of environmental and psychological factors. Relationships between women patients, health professionals, and available treatment and diagnostic modalities analyzed.

This FIG is designed for students considering an application to the Nursing Program in the School of Nursing; courses in this FIG have been carefully selected to fulfill requirements for the Nursing Program. Acceptance into the School of Nursing is dependent on a number of factors including completion of specific courses and meeting minimum grade-point average requirements. If you are interested in this academic path, please meet with an advisor from the School of Nursing to get full information.