How Primates View the World

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FIG 22
Richard McFarland
How Primates View the World
Seminar 1, 11:00–12:15 TR
Animal Biology
Lecture 1, 11:00–11:50 MWF
Introduction to Psychology
Lecture 4, 1:00–2:15 TR

How much do monkeys and apes understand about the world they live in? What are they thinking? How do they feel? Looking through the eyes of our primate cousins, this FIG attempts to uncover the nature of primate intelligence and the evolution of primate societies.

The main seminar of this FIG, Anthropology 120: “How Primates View the World,” will provide an introduction to the lives of our primate relatives. We will explore the diversity and distribution of the nonhuman primates, examining various aspects of their behavior, ecology, and physiology.

Primates are intensely social species. We will study an array of behavioral adaptations that allow primates to live in groups, form and maintain social relationships, communicate with one another, and maximize their survival and reproductive success.

Zoology 101: “Animal Biology” — This course will provide an introduction to general biological principles. Topics include: evolution, ecology, animal behavior, cell structure and function, genetics and molecular genetics, and the physiology of a variety of organ systems emphasizing function in humans.

Psychology 202: “Introduction to Psychology” — This course covers human behavior, including its development, motivation, frustrations, emotion, intelligence, learning, forgetting, personality, language, thinking, and social behavior.